Hello and good day!

The ParchmentMC team is proud to announce the first release of Parchment mappings for Minecraft 1.19.2.

The release is available at the following coordinates on the ParchmentMC Maven: org.parchmentmc.data:parchment-1.19.2:2022.08.10@zip. We recommend users who have previously used the cross-version mappings feature of Librarian to use 1.18.2 mappings on 1.19.2 to switch to this release for 1.19.2.

We’d like to acknowledge and thank the following users for their contributions to the mappings since our last blog post: @alcatrazEscapee, @AterAnimAvis, @DailyCraft, @FlowArg, @illuminator3, @joshyrobot, @Ketheroth, @Ketok4321, @Lanse505, @luxtracon, @Matyrobbrt, @MelanX, @noeppi-noeppi, @PaintNinja, @PiTheGuy, @ravenbuilder934, @sciwhiz12, @SizableShrimp, @Technici4n, @TelepathicGrunt, @tmvkrpxl0, @UnderscoredGeo, and @v14d4n.

Congratulations are also in order for the new members of the ParchmentMC team: @AterAnimAvis, @PiTheGuy, and @TheCurle.

Since the last blog post, we have made significant changes to our review process in order to streamline the process and reduce overhead for both contributors and reviews. In summary, we removed time-delays from reviews to merge, relaxed the needed approvals on PRs, and removed the unused section on fixed-discussion PRs. Learn more about these change and their rationale in the corresponding PR.

Minecraft 1.19 and 1.19.1 were skipped in favor of 1.19.2, in accordance with our version policy. The recommended target for contributions are now 1.19.2 and 1.18.2, as of writing. As stated in the policy, our focus will be on these two versions, though we will accept contributions to older versions at a lower priority of review.

Thank you to all our contributors and the community for supporting and using Parchment!