Hello and good day!

The ParchmentMC team is proud to announce the first release of Parchment mappings for Minecraft 1.18.1.

The release is available at the following coordinates on the ParchmentMC Maven: org.parchmentmc.data:parchment-1.18.1:2021.12.19@zip. We recommend users who have opted to use the nightly artifacts in their workspaces to move to the release artifact, to avoid interruptions when the nightly artifacts are removed from the repository (as according to our artifact retention policy).

We’d like to acknowledge and thank the following users for their contributions to the mappings: @agnor99, @alcatrazEscapee, @ChampionAsh5357, @chylex, @Darkhax, @diesieben07, @Drakmyth, @eerussianguy, @FlowArg, @Harleyoc1, @iChun, @jaredlll08, @Lanse505, @MelanX, @MESLewis, @noeppi-noeppi, @PlatinPython, @ravenbuilder934, @sciwhiz12, @SizableShrimp, @thedarkcolour, @tmvkrpxl0, @vemerion, and @WithoutAName25.

Minecraft 1.18 was skipped in favor of the new minor release of Minecraft 1.18.1, in accordance with our version policy. The recommended target for contributions are now the two major latest versions as of writing: 1.18.1, and 1.17.1. As stated in the policy, while our focus will be on these two versions, we will still accept contributions to older versions, however they will be lower in priority for our team members to review.

Thank you to all our contributors and the community for supporting and using Parchment! Happy holidays!