Choose a version

Parchment mappings are provided in three flavors, but most users will only really need to use the release exports.

The latest version of the release export for a particular Minecraft version can be found in the version badges, which are present in the README of each branch on the repository (such as for the 1.17 branch). For convenience, the following table shows the latest versions of the most common Minecraft versions:

Minecraft Version Mappings Version
1.21 Latest release version badge for 1.20.6
1.20.6 Latest release version badge for 1.20.6
1.20.4 Latest release version badge for 1.20.4
1.20.3 Latest release version badge for 1.20.3
1.20.2 Latest release version badge for 1.20.2
1.20.1 Latest release version badge for 1.20.1
1.19.4 Latest release version badge for 1.19.4
1.19.3 Latest release version badge for 1.19.3
1.19.2 Latest release version badge for 1.19.2
1.18.2 Latest release version badge for 1.18.2
1.17.1 Latest release version badge for 1.17.1
1.16.5 Latest release version badge for 1.16.5

When selecting the Parchment mappings version from the version badges above or in the README, please remove the v prefix before inserting it into your buildscript.

Install the mappings

Installing the mappings varies depending on the modding platform to be used. Here are simplified instructions for the most common modding platforms.

  • Forge and ForgeGradle

    ParchmentMC provides the Librarian gradle plugin to allow the use of Parchment mappings in a Minecraft Forge development environment. The plugin requires a ForgeGradle version of at least 5.1.20, and a Gradle version of 7.1.1 or higher.

    For full installation instructions and documentation, consult the relevant documentation in the plugin’s repository. This page assumes you are using a 1.19 MDK with the new plugin DSL in use.

    Users of the Librarian plugin will notice that all parameters are prefixed with p. Please consult the FAQ for details.

    1. Install the ParchmentMC maven repository to your plugin repositories in the settings.gradle file.

       pluginManagement {
           repositories {
               maven { url = '' } // Add this line
    2. Apply the Librarian plugin in your buildscript (build.gradle). This must be below the ForgeGradle plugin.

       plugins {
           // This should be below the net.minecraftforge.gradle plugin
           id 'org.parchmentmc.librarian.forgegradle' version '1.+'
    3. Update your mappings channel and version to the parchment channel and the appropriate version string.

       minecraft {
           mappings channel: 'parchment', version: '2023.10.08-1.20.2'
      For using Parchment on the same version of Minecraft:
      YYYY.MM.DD-Minecraft version


      • 2021.12.12-1.17.1 for Minecraft 1.17.1
      • 2022.08.07-1.18.2 for Minecraft 1.18.2
      • 2022.08.14-1.19.2 for Minecraft 1.19.2
      For using Parchment for an older version on a newer MC version
      Mapping's MC version-YYYY.MM.DD-Environment MC version


      • 1.17.1-2021.12.12-1.18
        • Minecraft 1.17.1 mappings (2021.12.12-1.17.1) in an MC 1.18 environment
      • 1.18.2-2022.08.07-1.19.1
        • Minecraft 1.18.2 mappings (2021.08.07-1.18.2) in an MC 1.19.1 environment
      • 1.19.2-2022.08.14-1.20
        • Minecraft 1.19.2 mappings (2021.08.14-1.19.2) in an MC 1.20 environment
  • Fabric and Fabric Loom

    Fabric Loom provides native support for Parchment mappings as of version 0.9.

    1. Install the Parchment repository in your buildscript’s repositories block.

       repositories {
           maven {
               name = 'ParchmentMC'
               url = ''
    2. Use the loom.layered() mappings dependency with Parchment mappings and official/Mojang mappings.

       dependencies {
           // ...
           mappings loom.layered() {

      The dependency should be formatted as follows: version:YYYY.MM.DD@zip

    3. (Optional) Run the genSources task to (re)generate the Minecraft sources JAR.

      If your IDE fails to auto-detect the sources JAR when browsing Minecraft classes, manually select the JAR file ending with -sources.jar when prompted by your IDE.

Thank you for choosing Parchment mappings! For any questions, please visit the official Discord server.